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My name is John Tran, and I am the owner of SantaAir, LLC. I want you to know that we are dedicated to providing the best possible service to you. We can take care of your heating and AC needs—service, and maintenance and we can also give you good advises prolonging your system’s life, make it works efficiently and save your bill. Just like the way I do with my home HVAC

No longer do you need to deal with multiple dealers/contractors, incorrectly diagnosed problems, or overpriced services. We promise to provide excellent and reliable service.

We stock spare parts for all major manufacturers and thus can save you unnecessary time and trouble. We’re highly trained can advise you on the latest innovations and technologies

Call us anytime for a free over the phone estimate. To make sure your needs are met to the highest standards of satisfaction, most of our services come with a 90-day warranty.

Thank you again for considering SantaAir for your HVAC needs.

Just one phone call and all your worries will be gone

At www.SantaAir.com, we provide the HVAC services including:

Once again, we would like to say “thank you so much” to our customers, our friends.

Always keep that smile on your face, and be happy🙂

Have a great day,

John Tran,

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