How to “Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance” Yourself? (Part 3/4)

Step 2: Restart the condenser (outside unit) Confirm proper cooling Switch on the power and set the thermostat to ‘cool’ so that the compressor comes on. After 10 minutes, feel the insulator to see if it feels cool. It is expected to feel cool. On the other hand, the uninsulated tube should feel warm. Turn the power back on, and set the house thermostat to "cool" so the compressor comes on. After 10 minutes, feel the insulated tube. … [Read more...]

How to “Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance” Yourself? (Part 2/4)

Step 1: Clean the condenser It is recommended that you clean your outdoor unit on days with a temperature of at least 60°F. That’s about the minimum temperature at which you can test your air conditioner to make sure it’s working. The condenser is usually located in an unnoticeable spot around your house. Two copper tubes run towards it, one open and the other encased in a foam sleeve. If you have a heat pump, both tubes will be … [Read more...]

How to “Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance” Yourself? (Part 1/4)

Project basics Time required: Anytime you’re available Complexity: Simple. Cost: All that is needed is your time. Savings: You save $100 or more Overview: What you can do and when to hire a pro It is a known fact that if you do not care for your air conditioner, it’s performance would be drastically reduced and could result to the breakdown of the air conditioner. The accumulation of dust and debris in the cooling fins … [Read more...]

How to Save Energy in the Summer?

Almost  half of the energy in your home goes to heating and cooling so it’s important to make smart decisions about heating, air conditioning and ventilation to save energy and money. Solutions to Affordably Cool your Home: Add a Space Air Conditioner A room air conditioner that is Energy Star qualified uses 10% less energy that standard models and offers an affordable way to cool a single area of the home. Using Air … [Read more...]

Programmable Thermostats: 6 Basic Rules

A programmable thermostat typically features four pre-programmed settings and can save you up to $180 annually. What are some basic rules for using programmable thermostats? Here are 6 basic rules. 1.      Energy Saving Set-Points: Keep the temperature adjusted to maximize energy savings for extended periods of time such as while you are at work or throughout the night. 2.      Extreme Cooling and Heating: Setting your thermostat to … [Read more...]

How to Save Energy, How to Save Money?

  Our customers seeking heating and air conditioning repair service in Raleigh NC and the surrounding areas often ask, “Is there a rule of thumb for how many energy is saved between summer and winter by raising and lowing the set-point?” Here’s our simple answer: “Save MONEY on every DEGREE.” Energy savings are typically 2-4% for each one degree difference in thermostat settings within a 24 hour period. Therefore, you can … [Read more...]

8 Simple Steps to find Excellent Air Conditioning Repair Services in Raleigh NC (Part 2/2)

In Part 1, we discussed the first five steps in finding a reputable air conditioning repair service in Raleigh NC. This included asking for referrals, searching online, and reading reviews for air conditioning repair in Raleigh. Let’s continue with our last three steps in finding excellent air conditioning repair services in Raleigh NC. 6.     Top 3 Interviews: From your search results, choose two to three companies that you feel will … [Read more...]

8 Simple Steps to find Excellent Air Conditioning Repair Services in Raleigh NC (Part 1/2)

Has your air conditioning ever gone out and you needed it repaired but didn’t know who to call? Here are 8 simple steps to help you find reliable and reputable air conditioning repair services in Raleigh NC. 1.     Referrals: Ask your friends, neighbors and coworkers for referrals. Everyone, at some point or another, has had trouble with their air conditioners. Through their experience, they may be able to recommend a trustworthy and … [Read more...]

How to Perform Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Before the heat of summer rolls in, you want to know that your air conditioner is ready for another season of use. Over the winter, your air conditioner has been sitting idle and may be in need of repair. Autumn leaves will often collect on your AC unit, and storms can gather water and debris. Your A/C unit may need some maintenance to get it running properly again. The sealed refrigeration system in your central air conditioning … [Read more...]

Air Conditioning Tune-Up. Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for the Summer?

Hi friend, Don't wait for your air conditioner to wave the white flag before giving it a Tune-up - by then you'll beg for mercy. Instead, schedule our Air conditioning Tune-Up right now, it can help you save more on your monthly energy costs, also repairing cost and your time for waiting somebody to come and fix when your air conditioning stop working. Meaning: you can fan yourself with money while you drink sweet beverages, all … [Read more...]