Getting Your Water Heater Ready for Winter!

Nothing feels better than a hot shower on a cold winter day or a soothing warm shower after a long day of work. If you turn the tap on and get nothing but cold water, you need some help with your water heater fast. In the winter months especially, taking steps to winterize or insulate the water heater and the area where it stands will help to avoid these problems. Any problem with water temperature should inspire a call to your water … [Read more...]

Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

Do you wonder "Why is my water heater leaking?" The reason why the water heater leak? Believe it or not, nothing last forever. Water heaters typically last 9 -11 years before they leak. There are many reasons cause the leaking of your water heater but below is two main culprits: 1. The chemical reaction at the conjunction between the tank and fitting. Therefore, you can see it leak from the conjunction in most cases 2. The … [Read more...]

“The Water Heater Makes Midnight Rain in My House”

Have you ever sleep under the rain made by water heater leak? Our customer have. Midnight Rain “help, help, I need your help, I’ve been working hard the whole night to stop the leak but I can’t….” our customer in Cary, NC said on the phone. Poor him, he tried his best to stop the leak but finally, He swallowed his pride and call us in the midnight weekend, 0:30. When we came there couple minutes later, he showed us what happy … [Read more...]

Are you Googling “Water Heater Repair Raleigh NC”?

Are you searching “Water Heater Repair Raleigh NC”, “Water Heater Leaking”, “Water Heater Replacement” or similar keywords to solve the problem with the water heater? Hi my friend, Nice to meet you on our website. One day, your (hot) water heater is sad and it is not hot any more. It’s difficult for you to do things without water heater. Washing (clothes, dishes), bathing, and in some case heating also need the water heater. You … [Read more...]