How to Save Energy in the Summer?

Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Almost  half of the energy in your home goes to heating and cooling so it’s important to make smart decisions about heating, air conditioning and ventilation to save energy and money.

Solutions to Affordably Cool your Home:

Add a Space Air Conditioner

A room air conditioner that is Energy Star qualified uses 10% less energy that standard models and offers an affordable way to cool a single area of the home.

Using Air Conditioner

?       Insulate rooms with air conditions from the outside during the winter. Using a tight-fitting cover available at a local home improvement store will keep heated air from escaping. This cover can easily be removed as needed.

?       Ensure that the unit fits tightly in the window to eliminate loss of air between the window opening and the unit itself.

?       Avoid overloading the electrical system by placing the window unit on its own electrical circuit.

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Is it time to replace your windows? Consider Energy Star qualified windows that can save anywhere from $20 – $100 on energy costs annually. Professional installation technicians will ensure that all gaps are sealed and that the windows are properly installed for maximize effectiveness.


Make sure that air can flow freely throughout the room by cleaning your air registers and vents.

Hire a Contractor

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