Programmable Thermostats: 6 Basic Rules

6 Basic Rules of Programable Thermostat

6 Basic Rules of Programable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat typically features four pre-programmed settings and can save you up to $180 annually.

What are some basic rules for using programmable thermostats? Here are 6 basic rules.

1.      Energy Saving Set-Points: Keep the temperature adjusted to maximize energy savings for extended periods of time such as while you are at work or throughout the night.

2.      Extreme Cooling and Heating: Setting your thermostat to 90 degrees or 40 degrees doesn’t warm or heat your house any faster than raising the temperature a few degrees. However, units with adaptive or smart features are exceptions to this rule as they constantly calculate the amount of time required to reach the desirable temperature and will adjust accordingly.

3.      Single or Multiple Thermostats: Most homes have one thermostat to control the entire house; however, if your home has multiple areas, make sure that you have a programmed setback thermostat for each area to maximize comfort, efficiency and cost.

4.      Use Caution in Temperature “Holds”: Most thermostats allow you to hold the temperature to make adjust the room temperature. This is a temporary override of the program and actually uses more energy when the temperature is consistently held over longer periods of time.

5.      Know the Features: Units usually have two types of “hold” features: Hold/Permanent/Vacation or Temporary. Avoid using the hold/permanent/vacation feature for day-to-day settings as this is best utilized during extended periods. If you plan on going away for a weekend, set the temperature a few degrees above (if summer) or below (if winter) when you leave to avoid wasting energy and losing money.

6.      Battery Life: Does your thermostat run on batteries? Don’t forget to change the batteries annually.

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