Alex Gwaltney

John is literally the best out there. Honest and he knows his stuff. He is on time and has saved me tons of money at my rental

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Hi Alex. Thank you so much for your business. I'm glad to help!

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Edward Kim

When my HVAC has a problem, I only call one person: SantaAir. He gets it fixed ASAP. I just leave my back door unlocked and he fixes while I'm at work. no problems. never had a problem.

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Hi Edward,

Thank you so much for your trust. I'm glad to help!

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Tommy Lowery

My Ac unit was out for the day. My Landlord called John. I waited all day he gave me a window of 5 to 7pm. He called to keep me updated of his arrival, worked in the dark to get it fixed. Thank you so much. Very nice man. Highly recommend …

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Hi Tommy,

Thank you so much for your feedback. I'm glad that we had the part and can get it done in the same visit. Glad that you're happy too ūüôā

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Malcolm Des Champs

I've been using SantaAir for a few years now and I'm just finally getting around to writing a review. I will say that the service has been impeccable the entire time. John is very pleasant and professional, and extremely responsive. We have…

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Hi Malcolm,

Thank you so much for your trust and satisfaction. We really appreciate it!

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  •   I decided to call John from Santaair based on the great reviews on yelp. ¬†John came as scheduled and thoroughly serviced my HVAC. ¬†John is a very pleasant guy. ¬†There was nothing wrong with my unit however he noticed that the cap was on the wrong hose and corrected this which was causing water to accumulate in the hose. ¬† ¬†What amazed me is John's generosity in sharing things that he noticed that have nothing to do with the service itself. ¬†For example: Water boiling System - this had nothing to do with the servicing however he noticed that the system is in the storage area in my bonus room and that if there is a leak (example - hose breaking) there is no way we would be alerted. ¬†He suggested to get a water alarm to be installed which we can buy for 20-30 dollars. ¬†The vent in the crawl space - he said that we should have the vent closed in the winter to prevent heat from escaping from the crawl space - the heating bill is higher as a result of this, in the summer he said to always open the vent to reduce the humidity which will rot the wood structure, in addition it will attract termites as they love humidity. ¬†How is that for service? ¬†I give John my highest recommendation.

    thumb Tom T.

      Our heat went out at dinner time on Christmas Eve, of course during the ¬†coldest week of the year so far, and our newborn baby is only 5 weeks old! I called Santa Air not expecting an answer because of the holiday, but John answered! I explained what happened and he came out first thing the day after Christmas (I am confident it would've been sooner if not for the holiday!). He diagnosed the problem immediately and gave us a completely reasonable quote. He said something more expensive was available but that he advised against it, which I thought was very honest. He said he would get the part and come back the next day, but he called me later that day saying he planned to come back in a couple hours because of our baby. John is very thoughtful and our house is now toasty again!

    thumb Tracey H.

      We have used Santa Air several times now. ¬†Every time we have been completely satisfied with the service we have received. John has always been able to come the same day as our issue. ¬†He has fixed our problem quickly, and for a reasonable price. ¬†I highly recommend him.

    thumb Kate C.

      John was very quick to respond to my service call. Diagnosed and fixed my broken heater fan the same day and had competitive price and nice warrantee. He even threw in tips to save on heating costs before he left! Very professional, definitely will be using again and recommending to friends! Thanks, John!

    thumb Annie C.

      John is great! My heater stopped working with very odd noise, and John is able to come in that week and immediately figured out the problem. He replaced the fan quickly with one year warranty and offered good suggestion on energy saving. He is an expert and an honest and nice man. I highly recommend John and his company. I would definitely contact him next time I need any help with the AC/Heater.

    thumb Xiaolin D.

      John at SantaAir definitely lives up to his reputation! Punctual and thorough. Within 10 minutes he knew what the problem was and gave me an estimate. We now have a warm home again thanks to John at SantaAir. I would not only highly recommend him to others but would not hesitate to call him again when the need arises. Thank you again!

    thumb Nancy H.

      After great reviews I contacted John at Santa Air and was thankful for his kind and timely response. ¬†He actually answered my question of what was the most common problems with a heater and was half the price of 4 other quotes I got on yelp. ¬†I definitely recommend him. ¬†PLUS, he gave a one year warranty as opposed to 30 days so we will see if it will make it when its actually cold weather.

    thumb Wendy S.

      Very very good service. The hvac stopped working and was able to come over in a timely fashion. ¬†He assessed the issue correctly and repaired quickly at a fair price. ¬†I have called a different company the day prior and they had tried to get over 500$ more for the same job. Would recommend to anyone.

    thumb Judas P.

      When our upstairs AC unit suddenly quit blowing cold air we decided to switch from the large company we'd been using and try Santa Air based on all of the great Yelp reviews. So glad we did! John came right out, said our compressor was fine and it just needed a new capacitor. He fixed it on the spot for much less than we anticipated and even checked back in a few days to make sure we were happy with his work. Thanks for the great recommendation Yelp!

    thumb Todd G.

      Dependable, reliable and reasonable. He's got me out of two jams on the weekends with my AC unit. I'd totally recommend him. Very nice guy and professional.

    thumb Stacey J.

      I'm so sorry we didn't find them sooner. ¬†We've tried at least a dozen companies over the years and they are the best, hands down.

    thumb R K.

      I have many rental properties and I generally have "rental property" contractors and "personal property" contractors. John is in my TOP 3 best contractors I have EVER dealt with!! ¬†He gets it right EVERY time and he always sets proper expectations when it comes to a repair. ¬†He always follows up and is very responsive. ¬†You need to make him a regular when it comes to hiring service providers

    thumb Reggie J.

      I had to call Santa Air again for my 18 year old A/C unit. ¬†John was able to come out the same day within hours in the evening!! ¬†Before he arrived, fearing the worse, I was juggling in my mind how I could afford a new A/C unit (I could not). ¬†I was bracing myself for the very real possibility I would be without A/C this summer. ¬†John came out, diagnosed the problem quickly and said "GOOD NEWS!!!" ¬†It ended up needed just a new capacitor. ¬†John Tran is a breath of fresh air. ¬†He did not try to sell me something I did not need. ¬†He fixed my old, wore out unit quickly and efficiently. ¬†Santa Air is HANDS DOWN the BEST A/C guy in Raleigh!! ¬† I won't use anyone else.

    thumb Robert W.

      Jon does great work and at affordable pricing. ¬† He came out to look at my 20+ year old AC unit and fixed it without trying to sale me a new unit!!! ¬† He is honest, timely, and knows his stuff. ¬†I would highly recommend him! ¬†Thanks for the great work as it is hard finding companies in today's world like Santa Air. ¬†-Justin Raleigh NC

    thumb Justin G.

      I found Santa Air here on Yelp. After reading the reviews I simply had to give John a try. When our AC stopped working I called John and he was able to schedule a time to come by and assess the problem. He came on time, fixed the problem, and gave me a very fair price. He even followed up a few days after to make sure everything was working properly. John is extremely knowledgeable and I would trust him to work on my HVAC anytime, it's not often you get a college educated engineer to fix your AC.

    At the time of this writing Santa Air had 48 perfect 5 star reviews. Make it 49! Yes, John at Santa Air is that good!

    thumb Ivan T.

      John is everything you want in someone who works on your HVAC system. ¬†He's smart, prompt, courteous, organized, patient, reasonably priced and pretty damn funny. ¬†One of our AC's was blowing warm air last summer and he fit us into his already full schedule by coming out later in the evening at no extra charge. ¬†Has done work for me and two of my brothers and I can't recommend him highly enough.

    thumb Cameron M.

      The reviews are very accurate! I chose to call Santa Air because of the reviews. I could not be more pleased with the prompt replies, very reasonable prices (very! Money is right around here- we did not break the bank at all with his visit!) quality of service and knowledge behind the repairs! If your AC is not working well, CALL SANTA AIR!
    trust me! You will not regret it!!!!!
    Seriously. Call him.

    thumb C C.

      John came out on a Sunday afternoon because I had concerns after he did work for me earlier in the week. Not only did he come out, he didn't charge me anything for the call. He is knowledgeable, professional, friendly and tried to save me money. He earns 5 stars!

    thumb Laura K.

      I cannot recommend this business more highly! It was very easy to set up a service appointment, and the technician is polite, friendly, and very knowledgeable. The technician gave me recommendations on some basic service I can perform myself cheaply that will improve the efficiency of my AC unit.

    thumb Austin L.

      Excellent! The reviews here on Yelp convinced me to call John. He answered immediately and we scheduled a time. My issue was not an emergency, but he was able to come out within 24 hours. John is knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. He worked swiftly and efficiently to diagnose my issue, and he explained everything to me along the way. My issue ended up being an electrical one (related to my breaker box), but he was able to replace the part and fix everything within an hour of arriving. He was incredibly thorough in checking that the system was functioning properly after it regained power. Once he got everything back up and running, he even explained/demonstrated simple ways that I can help maintain my unit to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. As others have said, he's worth every (reasonable) dollar! He's certainly earned another loyal customer.

    thumb Justin R.

      Excellent customer service and support.

    thumb Melanie S.

      Called John and set up a time for him to check
    my heater as it was making a noise.  He was able to come when I was available and he diagnosed the problem very quickly.  He fixed my heater in the same visit.  I recommend him for all your heating needs.

    thumb Vicki B.

      I called this morning and John was here in the afternoon. He arrived when I was stuck on a work phone call and he kindly communicated with me through gestures and text messages while he diagnosed the problem and let me know the cost to repair. Heat is back on and his rate to repair was totally reasonable. Thumbs way up!

    thumb Jennifer O.

      Great service! John is a super nice and professional guy. He was on time, fast and the fee was very affordable. Highly recommended/

    thumb Morteza E.

      These guys are awesome. We called them after 540p on a Saturday, they were here by 645p, done by 715p, in and out on one of the hottest days of the year and the fix was inexpensive. Highest recommendation.

    thumb Stephen R.

      John truly does great work. Honest, prompt, and extremely courteous. I give him my highest recommendations.

    thumb Thor P.

      Called John the today to get one of my HVAC units fixed. In the afternoon he serviced the unit. Figured out what is failing then fixed it in 15 min. The rest of the call he was just explaining to me how he fixed it and doing business talk. Just from talking to him, I know he is an honest, straight forward, no BS guy. Will definitely come to him for my next service calls and would recommend his services to anybody.

    thumb Tomas G.

      After being scammed by an a/c repairman I called John Tran, he was exceptional, ¬†he came on the same day and repaired my a/c. He explained to me what the issue was, ¬†what he was going to do, then quoted me a fair price. After he left I called and texted him with my concerns and every time he would clam me and down and tell me what to do. My a/c now is working perfectly. ¬†I will definitely recommend to to my friends and to anyone else who needs his services.

    thumb Lucy N.

      I have used SantaAir twice. ¬†John replies to service requests quickly, comes on time and thoroughly examines the unit to determine repair needed. ¬†John has been willing to text prior to arrival. ¬†For the most recent repair, I texted him at 6:15 a.m. and he replied by 6:50 that he could come at noon! ¬†He determined I needed a new capacitor, had the part and installed it quickly. I highly recommend John as a knowledgeable professional.

    thumb Libby P.

      John came out after dinner, listened carefully to what I had to say in describing the problem, knew what was going on, and explained it to me. ¬†Low fee for the service call--lower than other places. ¬†Didn't sell me on anything I didn't need. ¬†Will use SantaAir again for sure. ¬†I'm extremely pleased. ¬†John is very personable and was very helpful.

    thumb John M.

      I was blown away (no pun intended) by the service that John and Santa Air provided me today. I was able to get a same day appointment on a very hot summer day, and after 10 minutes John was able to figure out why my upstairs AC was not working. He was totally professional, friendly, and above all honest and trustworthy. You have a client for life, Santa Air. Job well done!

    thumb Dan L.

      I called John on a Sunday night after my upstairs AC stopped working, and he came by at noon the next day. I was fully prepared to accept that I needed a new unit, and John had it fixed in 30 min for a very reasonable price. This is the first yelp review I have ever been compelled to write - just could not believe how knowledgeable, quick, and reasonably priced he was. Completely professional and without being asked, took off his shoes everytime he came in the house (small detail but much appreciated). Also clearly explained the problems and showed me before/after pictures to illustrate his fixes. I will, without hesitation, go to John for any of my heating and AC needs going forward! Thanks, John, for saving us from the 100 degree heat!

    thumb Laura H.

      Called him on Monday, the AC unit had stopped working on Sunday, recent heat wave, so many units quit working, Mondays are the busiest. ¬†John worked me into his schedule, came by the end of the day (4:30) and fixed the problem in less than an hour! ¬†He is very reasonable, honest and can't ask for more from a AC technician. ¬†(Actually he's really an engineer!) ¬†I would definitely call him again and recommend him to my friends!

    thumb Dino S.

      I have to agree with all of the positive reviews. ¬†John is honest, thorough, professional, polite, affordable and explains everything and answers questions well. ¬†I would recommend him to anyone with HVAC issues. ¬†He really diagnoses problems too, and makes sure not to do anything unnecessary. ¬†I had an AC unit quit working and he figured out it was the capacitor and replaced it quickly and had us up and running again. ¬†And he came at the end of the day and I'm sure squeezed me in when he didn't really need to and others wouldn't have. ¬†Call him if you have HVAC issues, you will not regret it.

    thumb William D.

      Very honest and professional. Came out same day and fixed my issue for a reasonable price and didn't try to upsale me. I will be saving John's number!

    thumb Fran W.

      Thank you, Yelpers. ¬†You recommended the best.

    A/C blew at bedtime, and this gentleman picked up at 10:15 at night.  Agreed to an afternoon appointment the next day.  

    Arrived on time, got the A/C working again for a couple hundred versus thousands; no waiting for parts.  

    Did go out again a month later, and when he returned (for no further charge), he diagnosed that whomever had installed the irrigation system had piggy-backed it on top of the downstairs A/C's breaker, which in turn overheated it.

    Also noted and resolved a minor gas leak in the heating unit to boot.  The spouse had thought he caught a whiff of gas every time he was on the side of the house, but could never locate the source.  

    Contractor said it looked like it had happened during installation, meaning it had probably been leaking gas for 9 years.  Sheesh.

    thumb Elizabeth W.

      John did a great job quickly diagnosing my problems with fan blower motor and explained all steps along the way. ¬†He came prepared with parts and expertise; had me up and running in less than an hour. ¬†Additionally checked a few other parts and refrigerant pressures. ¬†

    Very timely, and squeezed me in at the end of day... arrived when stated, no waiting around.  Good communication, phones, text, and emailed receipt/90 days parts labor warranty.

    Exceptional service, will be calling back next time I'm needing HVAC help!

    thumb David C.

      John from Santa Air was fantastic. I highly recommend him. I had a couple of issues with my HVAC system and couldn't figure out really what was going on - even after a couple of other HVAC guys did some work before on the A/C. John came out and diagnosed the problems quickly. He found the most cost-effective solutions to everything and also cleaned up the work from a previous HVAC professional (who was supposed to be pretty good). He also did some preventative maintenance in hopes to extend the life of my system. Additionally, since I live out of state and rent my property, John sent me lots of pictures so I knew exactly what was going on. That made me feel really confident about the work he did, and it was clear he did a very thorough and thoughtful job. In summary, John is terrific and I highly recommend him.

    thumb Jennifer L.

      100% satisfied and very impressed!! John showed up and fixed my HVAC the very day I called even though he was booked he worked me in. He was very nice and not money hungry. It's refreshing to get good service these days .....I would Highly recommend SantaAir and will most definitely call John next time I have an issue!!

    thumb C S.

      I called and John showed up within the hour. ¬†My AC was not working. ¬†He explained what he was doing and was very polite. ¬†He clearly knows his stuff. My home is now nice and cool and the price was reasonable. ¬†I highly recommend SantaAir!

    thumb Dawn D.

      My AC decided to stop working last night, made contact with several local HVAC companies but none could come out today. ¬†John email/called and followed up w/ me first thing this morning. ¬†By 10:30-ish he was at my front door, by 12:40-ish he was out and had my AC working again. ¬†Did his due diligence to make sure that unit is working before he left. ¬†Had problem with transformer and low freon and he explained it. ¬†Also gave a HVAC 101 recommendation on how to lower cost of electric bill along with other noteworthy materials. ¬†In the end, he recommended that I get a new HVAC unit - which is very likely I will be using his service once again to do that big of a project. ¬†Do know, while he doesn't drive the van/truck that has advertising, his work speaks for why this review is worth the time. ¬†He is definitely affordable and courteous about his work. ¬†I will recommend him in the area using NextDoor.

    thumb Yves V.

      John returned my call very quickly, came out on the same day that I requested service, explained the problem in a way that I could understand, and stayed true to his word until the problem was resolved. ¬†He also called before he arrived at my house and showed up within the time window that he had stated.

    thumb L Z.

      Today was an icy day full of sleet. We called due to our lower heat pump not working. The phone call was answered right away with a truck en route within a half an hour. Unfortunately, the Heatpump began to work again. We canceled the call but were treated incredibly well. I offered to send a check just for him leaving the house but he would accept. I will most certainly use this company in the future!

    thumb Jordan D.

      John at Santa Air diagnosed my heating problem quickly and accurately, explained it (even though I usually don't understand such things), and solved it with careful craftsmanship at a great price. ¬†If you're worried about your HVAC situation, rest assured that John gives ¬†the best possible service at a reasonable price. ¬†I would recommend him to my own mother ... and that is the highest accolade you'll ever get from me.

    thumb Bruce M.

      If you're searching for an affordable HVAC guy that's good for his word & doesn't overcharge you for everything (like other large HVAC companies), then look no further- John Tran is your man! During the blizzard of 2016, my heater decided it would give out on Sunday morning with an outdoor temp of 21.... and I woke up to a freezing 58degree house! ¬†After calling 5 companies and getting ETAs of the next day, I called SantaAir... and I'm so glad I did ūüôā

    While awaiting callbacks from other companies highly recommended on Yelp, I took apart the HVAC, researched the error code, and found that the pressure switch was open. This narrowed it down to a few things, but I didn't have a voltmeter to test the power so I still needed a HVAC specialist quickly! I called SantaAir & left John a voicemail around 2:30pm, and he called back within 30 seconds. He advised he had 2 different jobs, and I told him the error code shows it's the pressure switch, and he said he had one in his van & could come out tonight between 6pm-8pm.

    John called 15mins before arriving, and he tested the pressure switch & saw that it's getting full power - so that wasn't the issue. He showed me everything he was doing so I could see for myself (as he knew I knew a little bit about the unit from taking it apart earlier). The issue was the inducer fan assembly that controls the pressure switch, which he had to order and come out the next day to fix. He only charged $49 to come out &diagnose the issue (or fix it if he could), which was $50-100 less than other companies just for a weekend visit! He notified me the next day of the part and came out at 1pm to fix it.  The job cost $346 but would have been $800 at larger Raleigh HVAC companies.  

    All in all, I'm exceptionally pleased with John Tran's service yesterday and today... he's quick, honest, and thorough! ¬†Very hard to find these days ūüôā ¬†Thanks John!!!

    thumb Lindy P.

      Fantastic !!!! John Tran is great. He is very responsive and professional. I had no heat in the house d/t a burned out furnace fan motor. Temperatures were below freezing outside and the temperature in the house was dropping. I called John and he was at my home in 1 hour. He went through the system and replaced the fan motor. He text me in the afternoon as a follow up. Terrific service. I would highly recommend Santa Air.

    thumb Bryan O.

      After looking online for a smaller HVAC company to fix my furnace which recently quit working, I sorted through a bunch of reviews of local HVAC companies on several of the popular sites (like, & including Yelp), and after reading numerous good reviews related to SantaAir/John Tran, I called John and scheduled service.

    John came out, quickly diagnosed the problem, went out to his van to get the required part (in my case it was a bad pressure switch), replaced the part - and problem solved. In and out, very efficient.

    As some of the reviews that I read already stated - John is a real gentleman, and very polite.

    I also appreciate that John is of the old school mind where he left his shoes on the porch before coming in.

    I highly recommend John for his politeness & great work ethic. I thought that his charges for the service were very reasonable.

    I am having John come back in the Spring to a tune-up/coiling cleaning for my A/C systems.

    Five stars from me!!

    thumb Pat F.

      Great great great! I didn't want a big company to come out and screw me over. This is a small company but he knows what he's doing. Fast, reliable and budget friendly. My heat went out and I txt him, he came same day and helped me in a pinch. Don't hesitate and bring your business here! I will continue to use Santa Air. ūüôā

    thumb Angela E.

      It was a cold day in December at 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning. My heat was out and it was 55 degrees in my house. John Tran with SantaAir was the only company out of 8 that I called who actually answered the phone. I told him my heat was out and he asked me if getting here shortly after lunch time would be ok. He asked me to text him my name and address and he would call when he was on his way.

    He called around 12:50 PM and said he would be here by 1:15 PM. He showed up right on time and by 1:45 PM my heat was fixed. He charged me $138 for his time and a flame sensor replacment and I paid him $150 for coming so quickly and being such an awesome guy.

    Here's how it went down when he arrived. He took his shoes off when coming into my house. He asked me a few questions and played with my thermostat for a minute. He grabbed a ladder and some tools from his van and we went up into my attic to check out the furnace unit. There I had a chance to learn more about him while he diagnosed the problem.

    John is a recently married 29 year old (very polite and well spoken) gentleman from Vietnam. He has an electrical and mechancial engineering degree from there. He has been living in the Raleigh area for 4 years and operating his heating and air business. I asked him why he chose SantaAir as his business name. He said "well, everybody likes Santa - and it implies a temperature." We shared a laugh.

    Once he narrowed down the problem, which was only a matter of minutes, he said "ok, if we're lucky it's a simple flame sensor. If not, it's a control board which is expensive...let's hope we get lucky." Once the new sensor worked he smiled and high fived me.

    I highly recommend John Tran with SantaAir!

    thumb Blake W.

      As far as I can tell this is a VERY small operation which I'm GLAD to support. I've used two different companies with fleets of trucks in the past and the technicians don't know squat about what they're talking about. John knows his stuff and is very honest ... "Yes, I can do that for you but you're just wasting your money".

    John was quick to respond when I emailed him. We setup an appointment. He called me when he was 20 minutes away. He showed up ~20 minutes later. Listened to my problems and got to work. He was able to answer my questions to my satisfaction (unlike past companies that answer with "I think ... " or "I'm pretty sure ..."). I'm 99% sure I have a freon leak so he topped me off and I'll have him back in 3 months. If I've dropped in pressure a lot I'll have him do a leak check and get an estimate on the repair.

    I'd use him again.

    $45 fee to show up
    $40 in labor
    $212 in freon

    He showed me pictures of the "before" pressure reading, the "after" pressure reading and the gauge that showed how much freon he used. He also allowed me to pay with Square which is a huge plus (he prefers cash but I don't have a spare $300 at this time of year).

    thumb Jim M.

      Santa Air was fast, professional, and economical.

    We were having a large party over the weekend and our air conditioner (which had never had problems for the first 3 years) suddenly stopped working.  I called around to every A/C repair in the Triangle, and not only was Santa Air able to come the quickest, but their weekend service fee was less than anyone else.

    John was amazing.  He was able to diagnose and fix the problem in a short amount of time.  He was so professional, taking before and after pictures of the unit (which was under the house) to demonstrate what the problem had been and what he had done.  He was meticulous about cleaning up after himself.  John saved the party!

    I received follow up texts from John the next week, him checking in to make sure everything was still working.  I could not recommend Santa Air high enough!

    thumb Elena S.

      Raleigh Friends I recommend for all of you your HVAC needs, as well as, other appliance repairs. John Tran the owner has been very flexible with times and his prices are very reasonable compared to others in the area. John made sure I understood the repairs and was very interactive during the actual repair walking me through the repair steps. If you need service call

    thumb Chris M.

      Unbelievable service. Called at 4pm and was told that he would try to come today. Got a callback at 7 saying he could be at the house by 8. Arrived with his father. ¬†I found that John is a highly trained engineer from Vietnam who decided to live the American Dream and take on his own business- so he and his dad arrive and very quickly and accurately diagnose my a/c's problem. ¬†Costs were laid out up front as well as algorithms for what would happen if the repair didn't work. ¬†Unlike some average joe Hvac guy, you have a mechanoelectric engineer working on your unit. That's like a plastic surgeon putting on your bandaid. ¬† Highly qualified, not money hungry, very clear and accurate, gave me a warranty, and left me very happy I chose to call John over another company. If you have AC problems, you can't go wrong with John. ¬†Trust me, you'll be happy you went with him.

    thumb J. A.

      Profesional-He demonstrated how his equipment worked and allowed us to watch.
    Timeliness- I received same day service.
    Friendliness-Beautiful and warm smile.
    Thorough-All of my questions were answered.
    Thank you John ūüôā

    thumb Maria M.

      If you are having an HVAC issue, call John! He is knowledgable and quick while providing excellent work with very reasonable prices. He even followed up with us the next day to ensure our system was working as needed. It's obvious that he truly cares about the quality of his work and his clients.

    thumb Sarah F.

      Superb service! John came to our house the same day I called to check the freon levels, condenser hoses, duct dampers and air filters. He made the ac nice and cool again. Very good price for the work done (very inexpensive service call fee). He is efficient and honest. Will never call anyone again. Sure wish there were other repairmen as honest and respectful as John, so I could call them for other jobs we need at the house. You just don't see that much integrity anymore.
    Thank you John!

    thumb Kathleen P.

      John came the same day I called, was prompt, quickly identified the problem and had my A/C fixed in minutes. ¬†Would highly recommend his HVAC services!

    thumb Connie W.

      John ¬†is a sweet, polite & professional person. He showed me pics and video of the issues I was having with my unit. ¬†It was like "show and tell" repair. ¬†That made it real easy to see what the problems were. ¬†My house is cool now and I am a satisfied customer. ¬†As a woman, some repair folks try to take advantage, but John did not. ¬†He did not try to upsell me anything I didn't need. ¬†He demonstrated that he is a knowledgeable expert in his field. I will definitely use his services again.

    thumb Teresa W.

      John is fantastic! My husband and I couldn't wait to schedule someone to fix our busted AC. John was able to work us in right away. Probably because he does such quick, meticulous work. He arrived earlier than planned (after calling and giving me a 30 min heads up), and had our AC problem diagnosed in less than 3 minutes. Seriously. He had our AC up and running within an hour, blasting frosty air into our sweltering house. Not only is he lightening fast, his price is incredibly fair and he is kind, friendly, and professional. We will absolutely call him with any issues we have in the future. You should do the same! ūüôā

    thumb L E.

      John did EXCELLENT work for us. ¬†He repaired a blown capacitor and fan motor for a very good price. ¬†He was quick in identifying the issue and it took him only about 60 minutes to repair. ¬†Highly recommended!

    thumb Charles S.

      John is the best guy I have ever run across in the air conditioning repair business. It's so hard to find a talented and honest person these days and john is both. I am an investor and I own many properties and this guy is such an important part of my team. If you're AC is broken, call John and soon you'll be ¬†as cool as he is.

    thumb Jeffrey T.

      Simply AWESOME. John is kind, smart and really can fix the problem. He will not oversell on something you do not need. I was sure my ancient thermostat needed replacing - and he said - it is fine. So many others would have taken my money to replace it. Instead he found burned wires and bad connections in the heat pump. This was his second visit here and he came same day as I called - at night even since he was booked solid during the day. I would recommend him one thousand times.

    thumb Jessi L.

      John with Santa Air is great. Like the previous reviewer, John is now a contact in my phone.

    One year ago, I came home from work on a Friday and discovered my AC had stopped working. It was the during one of the hottest times of the year in the middle of the long holiday (July 4)  weekend. I contacted Santa Air and John came out within a few hours and fixed it for me. The capacitor needed to be replaced, which luckily was an easy and relatively cheap repair. My AC was back up and running the same day. This year, I noticed my AC was not cooling very efficiently. The unit is very old and received minimal to no maintenance for many years. I contacted John to have him check out my unit and also schedule a tune-up. He found the freon to be low and suspected a small leak. Due to the high price to replace the entire AC unit, he recommended recharging the freon and seeing how it does rather than replacing the unit. He charged me a very reasonable price per lb for the freon and the labor fee/tune-up charge was very reasonable as well.

    John is very nice, friendly, professional, and honest. He also is great with both scheduling appointments and emergency repair situations. Highly recommended for AC tune-up and repair.

    thumb Janice H.

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