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A friend of mine visited Germany with his brother during Spring Break and learned something interesting while he was there.

He stayed with some friends for a few days and this particular Spring Break was unusually colder, in fact it snowed quite a bit.

While staying in their apartment, even though the temperatures outside were near freezing, they left doors and windows cracked open. Not wide open, simply open a bit.

They did have radiator heating so it was fairly inexpensive to keep warm, still he didn’t understand the reasoning behind it. Of course, he had to ask, Why?!?

His brother who had lived there for some time said they did it to get fresh air in the home.

So if you have those cooler evening or a time when it makes sense, find a way to get some fresh air into your home. The homes we build in the US are typically very air tight for efficiency and this can affect the air quality of your home.

Some newer thermostats have an Air Circulation mode. This allows the fan to kick on and off periodically, which if done with doors or windows open, allows fresh air to circulate.

If you want to look into a new thermostat for your Air Conditioning unit give us a call.

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