14 seer vs 16 seer: Which is Better?

Is it time to replace your AC? AC units are generally replaced every 10-15 years or as professionally advised depending on your unit’s current state. And, with the numerous brands and various systems out there, deciding on what to go for becomes a very daunting task.

Should I go for SEER 14 or SEER 16?

The efficiency of your system can vary based on the size of your home, your current ductwork and other variables so the manufacturer SEER rating assumes the ideal condition. 

A SEER 14 and most SEER 16 unit is designed with a single-stage compressor, therefore, it only runs at one speed (full blast). SEER 14 units typically are cheaper than SEER 16 by around $400, however, SEER 16 units use about 13 percent less energy than a 14 SEER unit resulting in more savings overtime. 

So should you pay more upfront to receive the savings later or the other way around?

Let’s take a look at this chart:  

SEER 16 10 years saving is about $448 and 15 years saving is about $672, it’s more than the $400 investment. 

However, as an investment perspective, with a return rate of 6% per year, a $400 investment will become about $716 after 10 years:

And $958.62 after 15 years…

So in this case, investing $400 in the stock market seems to be the better investment. However, not everyone invests in the stock market and the price difference between SEER 14 and SEER 16 is lower sometimes. So we need to do do the math and consider your situation before deciding which one to go with.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or set up an appointment online if you need to schedule for a replacement assessment. 

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