3 Causes of a Short Cycling Furnace in Raleigh, NC

If your heating system switches on but switches off in less than 10-15 minutes or so, it’s short cycling. This issue can lead to higher energy bills and uneven heating within your Raleigh, NC home. Read on for three common causes of furnace short cycling.

1. Dirty Air Filters

As your heating system circulates air through your home, particles accumulate on its air filters so they’re taken out of your air. This is a good thing, but eventually, those particles can clog your filter, which restricts the amount of airflow your furnace gets. With less airflow, your furnace will work harder than necessary, using more energy and potentially overheating, at which point it will shut down for safety.

Check your filters each month to make sure you can still see through them. Generally speaking, manufacturers recommend replacing your filter every 30-90 days as needed.

2. Wrong Furnace Size

If the unit is too big for your property, it can actually heat your home faster than necessary. That sounds positive, but your furnace working too quickly can actually lead to your home being heated unevenly. If that’s the case, your system will likely turn back on to make up for the uneven heating and then shut down before completing a full cycle, exacerbating the issue.

When this happens, your system will use more energy than normal; combined with it already using more energy than necessary to heat your home, you’ll likely see a spike in your utility bills. HVAC professionals can usually advise you on the right size of furnace for your home before you even think about installing one so you can head this problem off before it happens.

3. Thermostat Issues

A thermostat is the brain of your heating unit, telling it what temperature to heat to and sending signals when it’s time to stop working. Naturally, if there’s an issue with your thermostat, it might send incorrect signals and cause your furnace to short cycle.

Your thermostat might have a loose wire or need wiring replaced outright. Alternately, if it’s located too close to a source of heat (like your stove or a heating vent), it might read your home’s temperature incorrectly and send the wrong signals to your HVAC system.

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