9 Tips to Save Money on Your Air Conditioning System

The summer is a wonderful period, but not for your electricity bills. As you switch on your air conditioning systems, you will almost hear your money draining away. Besides, using your air conditioning systems inefficiently means you are damaging the environment as well. Luckily, there are things that www.SantaAir.com can help you to save both your money and the planet.

1. Your Air conditioning systems can only be efficient if they have a clean filter. This means you have to replace it every three months (in periods you use it).

2. Make sure you spend a little bit more money and purchase pleated filters, which are far more efficient than their fiberglass counterparts. There are quite a number of home Improvement (Home Depot, Lowe’s…) that sell pleated filters at really good prices

3. Check the cooling system itself. This is quite easy to do. Start by measuring the temperature of the air that is blown out of your air conditioning systems and then measure the temperature of the air going into the return vent. The difference should be at between 15 and 18 degrees Fahrenheit. If the difference is greater, it is likely that your filter is clogged up. If the difference is lower, you may need to replace or refill the Freon in your system. Either way, it is clearly time to put your HVAC system through its maintenance.

4. All air conditioning systems come with a thermostat. Make sure this is set to a normal temperature, rather than being all the way down. Your house will not cool down quicker if you set it low; it just means you will force your system to work longer.

5. Make sure all your ducts are protected, particularly if you are doing any sort of renovation. Dust is fatal to your air filters and if your ducts are not protected, they will get clogged up.

6. Check whether there are any leaks in the ducts of your air conditioning systems. If they leak, you will lose precious cold air in areas where you don’t even want it to work. This is also why metal ducts are much better than flexible ducts.

7. Make sure your ducts are well insulated as well, particularly because it is likely that they run through your attic, where it will get hot.

8. Your outside unit should be cleaned at least once a year. You will be shocked at the amount of dirt and debris that is already in there and this will stop your system from working efficiently.

9. Try, as much as possible, to collect the condensation from your unit. This is basically free water that you can use to clean your pots and dishes or water your garden. You could collect as much as five gallons of water, which is pure and clean, each and every day you use your system.

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