Furnace Maintenance: Safer and More Efficient Operation

Cool, crisp autumn air has made its way into Raleigh, NC, and chilly winter temperatures will soon follow. An annual furnace maintenance visit performed by a qualified service technician is the best way to ensure that your furnace is ready to heat your home safely and effectively. Let’s explore what this annual furnace maintenance visit includes and how it promotes safety and efficiency.

Replace the Air Filter

Operating your furnace with a dirty air filter increases your utility bills and increases wear and tear. Dirty air filters can even shorten the lifespan of your furnace, explains Energy Star. Routine furnace maintenance from a qualified service technician includes changing the air filter. We recommend monthly filter changes for optimal indoor air quality and efficient furnace operation.

Clean the Burners and Heat Exchanger

Incomplete or improper combustion of natural gas leads to soot and ash buildup in the combustion chamber. A door seal leak allows dust and other airborne particles to drift into the chamber. When these particles coat the surface of the heat exchanger, they interfere with efficiency. Too much debris on the burner or heat exchanger may interfere with the combustion process and could even cause a fire or explosion. During your annual furnace maintenance visit, the technician cleans the burners and heat exchanger and removes debris from the combustion chamber.

Check Oil, Gas, and Electrical Connections

Loose or corroded oil, gas or electrical connections create a fire hazard. A loose oil or gas connection may allow too much fuel to flow into the combustion chamber. When the ignitor kicks on, the fuel could overheat and explode. Even gas- and oil-powered furnaces use some electricity for the blower motor. A loose or corroded electrical connection could cause a short circuit in the furnace. HVAC technicians check these connections during the annual furnace maintenance visit.

To learn more about the ways annual furnace maintenance makes your heating system operate more safely and efficiently, take a look at SantaAir’s maintenance services, or contact us today.

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