You Want Something That Can Eliminate Molds, Bacteria & Viruses and Clean Air?

The iWave-C Air is a self-cleaning, bi-polar ionization generator that actively treats the air quality in your home’s HVAC system. Once installed, this effectively kills mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil, the ductwork, and the home’s living space. 

Studies show this device can effectively kill about 99% Corona Virus in an average of 30 minutes.
And unlike UV Lights, where you are required to replace parts in a year or two, this device can last up to ten years with a minimum of maintenance. 

In addition to eliminating molds, bacteria and viruses; the iWave-C Air Purifier also:

– Reduces allergens, odors, smoke, static electricity and other airborne particles

– Keeps your system’s evaporative coil cleaner, running much for efficiently

– Tested safe, low-maintenance method to purify your home’s air. 

Other important features of the iWave-C unit includes a programmable self-cleaning cycle, waterproof housing, on-site visual monitoring with a digital display, and remote monitoring via the integrated alarm contact. 

Feel free to reach out if you would like to know more about the iWave-C Air Purifier or set up the appointment online.

Keep safe and stay well,
John SantaAir

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