How to “Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance” Yourself? (Part 1/4)

Project basics

  • Time required: Anytime you’re available.
  • Complexity: Simple.
  • Cost: All that is needed is your time.
  • Savings: You save $100 or more.

Overview: What you can do and when to hire a pro

It is a known fact that if you do not care for your air conditioner, it’s performance would be drastically reduced and could result to the breakdown of the air conditioner. The accumulation of dust and debris in the cooling fins can result to low coolant level thereby reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner and subsequently damaging it.

You can contribute a lot to the long lasting of your air conditioner by taking proper care of it like cleaning and dusting it at regular intervals and also hiring the service of pros to service the air conditioner when the need arises. I work on the Air conditioning repair in Raleigh but you don’t need to call us just to do the cleaning for you. You can do that yourself and save as much as $100+.

In this article, you will learn how to clean the condenser and some accessible parts of the indoor unit. We will show you how to clean the outdoor unit (called the condenser) and the accessible parts of the indoor unit which is the evaporator. To clean and maintain air conditioner is very easy and does not require special tools or experience. You might say to yourself, “But I don’t have a technical knowhow of how an air conditioner works or how to clean the intricate part of air conditioners”. Don’t bother yourself about that. We are going to walk you through the basics.

Although, different air conditioners come with their own unique design, but their basics are the same. You can still carry out most of the maintenance procedures irrespective of the design. Whatever the design is, the condenser is outside and the evaporator is always inside. Make sure that you call a pro at an interval of two or three years to check the electrical parts or coolant level. If you reside in Raleigh city, NC State., and needs Air Conditioning Repair service, SantaAir in Raleigh city, NC State., is there to provide you with excellent service.

air conditioner repair

The condenser which is usually located outside is made up of a compressor, cooling fins, tubes and a fan. The function of the fan is to suck air through the fins and to cool a special coolant. The compressor then pumps the air into the evaporator through a copper tube. The coolant helps to chill the fins and the tubes of the evaporator. The blower then draws in warm air which the blower passes through the evaporator and cooled. The warm air is then blown through ducts to the rooms. On the other hand, the evaporator removes the moisture in the air as it cools it, and the resulting condensation drains off to a floor drain through a tube. The location of the blower unit and ducting system vary. It depends on whether you have a furnace, a heat pump or some other arrangement. It may be located in the ground floor, garage, furnace room or attic.

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