Is Your Heating System Ready For The Winter?

Winter will be here soon and the change in weather can affect your health. Winter time reminds us of the ruthless cold at night that beat us cruelly. This is the time to turn on your heating system to get rid of it.

  • Do you need to make sure your heating system will work fine?
  • Are you looking for any ways to reduce heating costs?
  • Are you wondering what will happen if your heating suddenly stops working in winter?

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Your Heating Is Ready for the Winter?

This is the best time to think about what you need to prepare for the winter because preparation is extremely important to make sure your heat system will work fine before the winter comes. Don’t wait until it’s really cool and start your heating system. Our Heating Repair Service can help you to fix all the problems but that’s too late when your heating system stops working in the very cool day. Just get ready for the winter and check your heater by carefully performing the easy below steps:

  1. Make sure that your heating system has been turned off for a little time of 5 minutes.
  2. Set the thermostat to the heat mode.
  3. Set the temperature setting on the thermostat about 80 degrees.
  4. Then you hear the fan and maybe the compressor start (if it is a heat pump).
  5. About one to five minutes later you feel the air is coming from one of the grills. And also you have to feel that the air is warm.
  6. Just set the thermostat to the off position.
  7. Finally, wait for 5 minutes. Then you may use the system however you wish.

Now, you will be safe from winter!

It is recommended to follow the steps exactly as given. The cool of the winter will not be able to reach you and your family.

If your system faces problems or does not work properly, the first thing you need to do is turn the system off immediately because it may harm your system when working in that situation. Then feel free to contact us at any time. We will be there and get it fixed ASAP.

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