Looking For an Air Filter That is 28X More efficient, 4X Longer Lasting and Doesn’t Cost Thousands of Dollars?

As you already know, a dirty filter can cause a lot of problems such as:

  • Significant increase in electricity bill
  • Your system will struggle to keep up
  • Eventually freeze up and stop working at all
  • Or burn out the blower fan motor
  • Etc..

(If you currently have the air filter at the return grill, this article may apply)

The Solution?

Change it regularly, every 1-3 months or whenever it’s dirty. Seems like an easy solution. Though, it may be a little bit challenging as it is a pain to climb up to the ceiling or even worse if you have to go all the way to the attic or crawlspace. Most of the time, we can’t realistically do it every month or two.

But, what if..

What if you can have it last 4 times longer and save 4x your time, you can just replace it every 4 month instead of 1 month or every year instead of 3 month? How does it sound? Other than that, have the extra benefits such as:

  • Low pressure drop 433% greater surface area than standard 1″ filters, which reduces resistance to airflow
  • 28X increased efficiency over standard fiberglass panel filters
  • Eliminates filter bypass and preserves MERV rating with the included gasket
  • Energy saver – deeper pleats means greater surface area and less resistance to airflow, which equals less energy usage

What should we do:

Use the Practical Pleat 5″ Filter for 1″ Return Grille. It’s 5” as thick as the media filter and fit 1” grill. Thicker means it has more surface area which has low pressure drop, increases efficiency and lasts longer. 

You can buy it online like this page:



Then, make sure that you inspect and make sure your return grill works with this filter (It needs 4” deep behind the regular filter).

Feel free to reach out to  us if you have any questions.

Keep safe and stay well,
John @ SantaAir

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