Lower your summer cooling bill. Tip #1

Over the summer I’ll share a few tips with you. Things that will help lower your utility bill and even help your unit run more efficiently which means a longer lasting A/C Unit!

One big thing is finding a way to keep the sun and heat out of your home. There are many ways to do this.

Naturally a long term option is to plant a tree. With some natural shade in the right spot you could keep the sun from coming in certain windows as well as keep the exterior of your home out of direct sun which leads to a cooler interior.

Another way is with sun shielding screens for your windows. I’ve seen a thermometer in a window hit over 130 degrees in direct sunlight, then with added protection from the right type of screen it never hot over 90 degrees.

Obviously that makes a big difference inside your home.

There are some bigger projects that will make a difference. Like adding window awnings, pergolas or interior screens. This can be more costly than the other options, yet they can enhance the beauty of your home.

At the end of the day, the options are up to you the key is to make a decision, then make a plan.

The best part is watching that utility bill go down!

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