The Water Heater Makes Midnight Rain in My House

help, help, I need your help, I’ve been working hard the whole night to stop the leak but I can’t….” our customer in Cary, NC said on the phone. Poor him, he tried his best to stop the leak but finally, He swallowed his pride and call us in the midnight weekend, 0:30. When we came there couple minutes later, he showed us what happy with his ceiling. The water came down from the water heater’s leak and drop from the ceiling. He spend the whole night to stop it but ………. 🙂

The water heater have been used for about 10 years and it began to leak last month. It is the 65 gallons gas water heater by GE. It’s bad news that this model is not available at any distributor. He needed to decide between….

2 solutions:

  1. Use the 50 gallons water heater, the popular and biggest gas heater water that is available
  2. Wait at least 7 working days for ordering the 65 gallons water heater

Before the bad raining night, He decided to order the 65 one and wait but when it happened, he had to change the decision to replace the 50 gallons water heater as soon as possible. He could not wait anymore.

It’s just the story of one of our customers faced to the problem with their water heater, their water heater’s leak…. All of us can face the same problem one day if we are not ready for it.

What should you do when the water heater leak?

When the water heater leak, to save your time, your money, you should check some main information before you decide to repair or replace a new one:

1. Where it leak from?

a. If your water heater is leaking from the pipe outside the tank, that means your water heater is in good condition. Therefore, you can fix the problem easily by yourself or call the water heater repair service with the low fee.

b. If your water heater is leaking from the tank, from any connection from/to the tank, you have one bad news and one good news. The bad news is you need to replace a new one, that is the best solution. You can fix it in some cases but the problem will happy again in some day, you will pay more for it. The good news is you will have a new water heater and no more worry about the leak. In this case, continue to answer the below question:

2. How long have you used the water heater?

a. If it has been used for about 10 years, you should think about replacing a new water heater with the same specifications. Its life is going to the end and it need a new generation. You will not worry in next 10 years.

b. If it is not so long (5, 6 years), it end the life too soon. There should be some mistake when install that make it cannot last long. You need to check and find out the problems of the water heater. Ask your self the question “Why is my water heater leaking?” and know how to fix with your new water heater before you replace it. If you just replace the new one without any change, it will die as soon its brother.

We hope that you can find out your water heater’s situation and make the right treatment for it. If you have any query, feel free to call us or leave a comment below this post.

Thank you,

Have a nice day,

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