Why Is My Water Heater Leaking?

Do you wonder “Why is my water heater leaking?”

The reason why the water heater leak?

Believe it or not, nothing last forever. Water heaters typically last 9 -11 years before they leak. There are many reasons cause the leaking of your water heater but below is two main culprits:

  1. The chemical reaction at the conjunction between the tank and fitting. Therefore, you can see it leak from the conjunction in most cases.
  2. The water pressure rise up when the temperature coming up. For example, in a 40-gallons water heater, water heated from 90°F to a thermostat setting of 140°F will expand 1.5 gallon. This is because when water is heated, its volume expands. Since water is not compressible, the extra volume created by expansion must go somewhere. Where will it go? If the system is closed, the whole system pressure increases and this will make the system leak.

For years of chemical reaction plus high pressure, the water heater will leak before its age. That’s reason why there are so many water heater end its life after only 5 years working.

How to solve the problem?

  • Chemical Reaction: This is the bad news that you have no choice to avoid that but the good news is the manufacture is trying to do it for you.
  • Pressure rising up: This is totally the good news that you can control it by the very simple solution. When the pressure rising up, we need something to extract it and keep our system in a stable pressure. It is similar to the spring for your car to reduce the shock while moving. This is the Thermal Expansion Tank. Our customer call it “that’s magic”.

What is Thermal Expansion Tank?

A thermal expansion tank is used to protect hot water systems, helping to maintain them and keep them working efficiently. They are designed to absorb excess water pressure, which can be caused by thermal expansion as water is heated. With a properly installed tank, the system pressure will be stable, and will help prevent added stress to various components in your water system.

Thermal Expansion Tanks feature?

Safely controls thermal expansion by accepting the expanded water and keeping the system pressure safely under the relief valve setting
Saves water & energy: unlike a pressure relief valve that wastes heated water when activated, these tanks allows the expanded water to be stored in the tank for future use.

Do you want to keep your water system long lasting? Do you want to get rid of leaking?…. Feel free to call us or leave a comment.

Have a nice day.

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