Why Won’t Your Heat Pump Stop Running in Wake Forest, NC?

Manufacturers design heat pumps to operate in cycles while regulating indoor temperatures. An underlying condition may make your heat pump run continuously. Here are some reasons why your heat pump constantly runs in Wake Forest, NC.

The Temperature Is Too Cold

Typically, your heat pump might not cycle on and off if the outside temperatures are below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. It may not stop running because there is insufficient heat to absorb from the outdoor air and transfer into your living space.

Your Refrigerant Could Be Leaking

Refrigerant helps to bring in heat from outside. Pets may urinate on your outdoor unit, resulting in corrosion of the coil. Twigs and other debris may damage the refrigerant lines and cause the refrigerant to start leaking.

Consequently, your system is unable to transport enough heat into your living space, causing it to run without stopping. Contact one of our technicians to repair refrigerant leaks.

Your System May Be Old

If you have been using your heat pump for many years, the unit’s parts may be worn out. As a result, the unit is less efficient, causing your heat pump to run for a longer time to achieve your temperature preferences.

Constant running will increase your energy costs. Consider getting a new heat pump if the one in your home is more than 10 years old.

You Have an Undersized Heat Pump

Your home’s heating load may overwhelm an undersized heat pump. The pump tries to regulate your indoor temperatures without success and ends up running continuously. No repairs can make an undersized unit operate optimally. Consider replacing an undersized heat pump with a properly sized one.

Our professionals have received the necessary training and certifications to work on your HVAC system, so you can rest assured that they will restore your comfort. Contact Santa Air for outstanding heating services if your heat pump continuously runs.

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