Your house is leaking…

That’s not something you normally hear is it?

What it’s leaking, is AIR.

But it is, obviously not every house, still many houses do have leaks, and that’s costing you money.

There are many ways to find and seal the leaks, if you want to do it yourself you can buy some spray foam, naturally hiring a professional is the best course of action.

The challenge it creates is your air conditioning will be sucking in hot air and it will slow the heat exchange process taking longer to cool the home.

It’s usually the outlets, your attic access, any vent like the dryer vent for example.

These are the problem areas to investigate. The better sealed up your home is the more efficient it will be.

Then still remember to leave those windows cracked when it makes sense and get some outside air that way or by simply going outside haha!

For question about this you can always reply, and remember to give us a call with your heating or cooling needs.

Have a great day!

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